Budding Scientists Forum

The Budding Scientists Forum is a new initiative from GliaBoffin to support young and aspiring researchers, drawing on recent developments in the field of neuroscience around the world.

The Network aims to provide a valuable online international forum for graduates/ post-graduates/ PhDs/ Postdocs working in the field of cellular and molecular neurosciences, behavioral neuroscience, glia biology, or any allied areas. This platform enables them to share advice, news and insights, and connect and collaborate – with the ultimate goal of helping to advance progress in these research areas. 

You may join the Budding Scientists Forum as ‘Users’ to engage with contributions and others in the Network community. You can create a profile page and present your interests.

It’s free to join the Budding Scientists Forum.

To join the Budding Scientists Forum, register here. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to one of the Budding Scientists Forum, we would be pleased to hear from you; please contact [email protected].

Expert researchers working in the area of glia biology or neuroscience are also invited to contribute by sharing their research in the form of science blogs so that young aspiring students and non-scientific community can also get an idea about your work. If you are interested then please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Students’ Editorial Team

Do you have a flair for scientific writing and editing?

We are building an editorial team of students who would manage the students’ related posts and discussions. Interested candidates can contact us at [email protected].